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 Some leader tasks that can be delegated

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PostSubject: Some leader tasks that can be delegated   Sat Sep 13, 2008 9:44 pm

Leaders aren't there to do everything themselves allthough some might like to. So what do great leaders do?: They delegate!
So why not entrust some of your fellows with one of the following jobs, call them officers maybe....

Recruiting Officer - This can be a real pain for a leader to keep track of. You need someone to keep an eye on the ooc but someone who also knows how to give priority to certain classes/people. You wan't the right people in so pick your offficer wisely.

Communications Officer - We need to maintain communications with other raids and maybe announce things on /ooc or type in raid channel your voice orders if not everyone can enable voice, or god forbids doesn't talk english (very well). Or if you have several scouts sending in reports which are overwhelming you with tells. Alot of people can sometimes not hear what others are saying but are shy to speak up, so it wouldn't hurt to repeat orders in written form in the raid chat especially if they are important. In these cases you can assign a Communications officers who will do these tasks for you and give the leader one person to talk to and get their information from. Obviously requirements for this type of Officer would be voice, fast typer , and a thrustworthy and generally respected individual as to make communications with most Ettenmoors inhabitans run smooth.

Targetting Officer - Sometimes a raid leader cannot be RAT or chooses not to be although it has obvious advantages it might not work so well for all classes. In that case you need someone who can target for you. In fact I am just talking about choosing a proper Raid Assist Target. Preferably a damage class that can eat his way into a target on it's own aswell because people will follow a RAT at half health sooner then one at full health and miles away from them. This is also why I prefer at least 1 melee RAT. This person should have voice to shout out his targets and not be shy to use it or call out if he notices nobody is using his RAT. Chose thisone carefully and change if necessary because creeps will catch on who RAT is too sooner or later and that can be a disadvantage.

Class Officers - We all seen someone else with the same class as yourself befrore that seems to have absolutely no clue what he is supposed to do. It is important that people get this pointed out to them so that they can learn from mistakes and work to improve themselves. You might wan't to instruct 1 officer of every class to keep an eye specifically on all people of his class to instruct them in a contructive and postive way on how to improve certain aspects of their gameplay, preferably in private tells as to not point out their mistakes in front of the whole raid. Requirements for these kinds of officers would be extensive experience and broad knowledge of their class and a polite and helpfull attitude. Obvious uses could be a healing officer who also call out targets in need of healing or wound/poison curing or a hunter calling for tracks and channeling that information to the leader.

Dismissal Officer - There coud also be someone in charge of dismissing people that are clearly counterproductive to reaching the goals of the raid. He will try to spot these people himself or class officers can notifiy the dismissal officer of people who are not following their instruction. Proper warnings must be issued to give the person a change to change his behaviour, but if they refuse to reply or the situation demands immidiate action the dismissal officer will be in charge of removing these unwanted elements from the raid.

Any or all of these roles can be carried out by the leader himself but to free up time you can assign one or a few people to cary out these roles. It will make your life as a leader easier and give you more time to make those crucial command decisions.

If you think of any more tasks that can be delegated please feel free to add to my post.
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PostSubject: Re: Some leader tasks that can be delegated   Sun Sep 14, 2008 2:23 am

Its an good idea but i think for it to work the best the raid should pretty much be a premade one. Somone as rat and someone as recruiter etc i guess its easy but to give out to many responsibilites i think most most know eachother and be somewhat used to eachothers in sake of playstyle etc etc.

But then i might be wrong..the idea aint bad.
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PostSubject: Re: Some leader tasks that can be delegated   Sun Sep 14, 2008 3:10 am

When its busy you need all the help you can get to keep ahead of the enemy and make sure the raid is working together and ticking over properly.

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PostSubject: Re: Some leader tasks that can be delegated   

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Some leader tasks that can be delegated
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