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 Joining Frontline - Arcalimon

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PostSubject: Joining Frontline - Arcalimon   Tue Sep 02, 2008 8:39 am

Your Character's name* : Arcalimon
Level* : 50
Class* : Champion
Rank : 6 Sergeant-at-arms
List of your alts with their levels : not at considerable level for PvMP will update when they are.

Why are you interrested by joining Frontline ? :
First of all i love PvP and i enjoy playing it. Well, i wish to learn all i can about PvMP, about how to play effectively my class and in how the other classes and how a raid works. I wish to have fun with many peoples i have played with in ettens, like Calwen and Lanthiriel and to have the chance to fight side by side with my Master Erlo (:p).
I also think that is a great idea, first time in my MMORPGer life i saw that kind of project, I aprpeciate that and i will do what i can to be of any help!
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PostSubject: Re: Joining Frontline - Arcalimon   Tue Sep 02, 2008 11:18 am

All done. Thanks for joining!
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Joining Frontline - Arcalimon
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