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 The great suggestion/tips thread (aka suggestion/tips central)

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PostSubject: The great suggestion/tips thread (aka suggestion/tips central)   Wed Sep 03, 2008 7:11 am

For starter I would suggest we all keep our suggestions either about this forum, or also about the Ettenmoors, the classes (that would be later consolidated in the relevant thread if discussed and deemed appropriate by a majority), in one single thread, possibly this thread, and also try to keep the same formatting so it is easier to read, below are a few examples (most are just for fun, it's just so you see how i think we should format it in simple and easy to copy quotes) :

[FORUM] : I would like the addition of a new OOC forum please to discuss movies we like and other things ! (this isn't a real suggestion, just an example heh !)

[MINSTRELS] : Do keep warspeech up in between fight and drop it as soon as you start healing ! It's only putting it on that requires an induction time, putting it off is free of charge and instant.

[GUARDIANS] : protect the minstrels first !!! Wink

[TOL ASCARNEN] : There is a hidden stash of ale in the north-west corner ! (no there isn't, just showing what kind of topic can be discussed upon)

[TYRANT GUNDZOR] : has a powerful snare attack every 2 seconds, please make sure you don't stand in front of him ! (no he hasn't, or maybe he has, I don't know, this is just another example)

[QUEST DROPS] : It is a good organization (that I seen once) to give your drops when asked by the leader so he can redistribute those to the whole group for a keep defense, example : sharing the barrel of oils...

Well i guess you get the idea. Again I think this would be a nice way to organize the tips and suggestions and then the people that are maintaining their class or tactic thread could include those they think are appropriate. Of course you can also answer in the appropriate class thread, but sometimes because a topic may not be clear about its aim or maybe spread on different classes or aspects, you may want to insert it here first...
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PostSubject: Re: The great suggestion/tips thread (aka suggestion/tips central)   Wed Sep 03, 2008 10:45 am

Seems like a good idea if everyone agrees and it does not have a thread allready to put it here, thanks for getting involved.
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The great suggestion/tips thread (aka suggestion/tips central)
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