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 How to play Loremaster in Etten

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PostSubject: How to play Loremaster in Etten   How to play Loremaster in Etten Icon_minitimeFri Sep 05, 2008 7:42 am

Playing a Loremaster in etten is one of the hardest things u can do in game. You wear light armor and are easy to spot because of skills that reveals your class and position. And donīt forget about the aggroing ability. All creeps hate LMs and u tend to draw aggro from everything else.

What do you do as a Loremaster:
A Loremaster always have something to do. No matter if you are in combat or out of combat. You have to prioritize. You have multiple tasks to do but you canīt do em all.

Tar: Always put down tar and reapply the tar as soon as the cd is out.

Antistun: Always antistun yourself and minstreals. Its good to antistun the RAT as well. This is really hard to remember in the middle of the fight, but itīs important. Personally I suck at this. If there is more then 1 LM try to divide up the targets that need antistun.

Gust of Wind: AoE attack that gives a 2min 7% miss chance debuff. Speaks for itself, try to keep their entire raid debuffed.

Wind-Lore: 8 target -50% ranged damage. Very very important if they got many BAs. 30 sec duration and 30 sec cooldown so you should reapply this every 30 sec. Unfortunately this skill has sick chance of getting resisted. About 3-5/8 targets resists every time. If you have time and there is no BAs its still nice to use on WLs because it also give the +10% attack duration debuff.

Fire Lore: -30% melee dam. Use on the charging reavers. Longer cooldown, but reapply as soon as its down.

Powerdrain: Powerdrain WLs/Defilers. Try to find a target with full power. Repeat this all the time. Share power if you are at max b4 starting to drain for more.

Stealth Detection: Use contantly on yourself and burglars. If you have time use on minstreals as well so they can detect wargs that's trying to gank them. If you are regrouping and waiting to go somewhere use your waiting to apply stealth detection to the entire raid. It takes about 3 min to give 24 ppl +5 stealth
detection with 1 LM. Always apply stealth detection when your raid is moving (unmounted of course). I know this is boring, but it sure helps a lot.

Share power: In fights with no "boss NPC" you ability to drain power is limited since the ordinary NPCs or creeps donīt have much power. Only share to minstreals and save for yourself unless u got plenty. In fights with "boss" NPCs you can drain for full power every min so here you can share to DPS classes aswell.

Lightning Storm: I find this one really tricky to use since you get so many resists on the ancient craft. If possible try to select a low rank creep when u apply the ancient craft to avoid resist. If you get resist wait for ancient craft cd to reset. Takes to long time to check the swarm of enemies for a target that ancient craft got applied too.

Sign of Power Command:+20% Attack Duration. I rarely see ppl using this, but its nice to use it on WLs/Defilers.

Beacon of Hope: I tend to save this until leader shouts that healing is needed on someone or a minstreal getting attack or someone fleeing from a zerg.

Of course you need to use your stunning and damaging skills as well, but they don't need much explanation.

Traits: You have to change setup every time you go from PvE to PvP and other way around. This is costly, but you have to do it.

1. Deep Lore - Increase the numbers of targets affected by Wind-Lore Fire-Lore and Storm-Lore from 3 to 8.

2. Dúnadan-learning - Increase duration of antistun from 30 sec to 1 min. It also increase the duration and effect of the stealth detection buff from 1 min and 3 stealth detection to 5 min and 5 stealth detection.

3. Power and wisdom - Improves power drain effect signifcantly. Both speed and amount of power u can drain.

4. Harmony with Nature - Lowers iduction time of your damaging/stunning skills.

5. Master of the Staff - Gives 5% Morale boost.

1. Sword and Staff

2. March of the Ents

Deep lore and Dúnadan-learning is very important and you should never enter the battlefield without them.

Power and wisdom used to be a must because of the need to drain trolls fast. Itīs still very useful. You can drain WLs/Defilers completely in just a few sec and this is important since you canīt CC them as good since bk 14.

The 5% morale boost from Master of the staff is very handy but if you have plenty of morale and feel u want to sacrifice the extra 5% iīm not stopping you.

Harmony with Nature is very important.

March of the Ents is insanely good in pvp so it should always be equipped. Costly to change the legendary, but definitely worth it.

This is the standard trait build for pvp and should be used most of the time. However if there is many LMs in the raid, you could
change some traits for improved healing/curing. The ability to cure wounds AOE in combat is pretty good as well.

Gear: You want to go for a high morale build with loads of tactical crit chance, but morale is the key.

Weapons: As staff you should use Griever. Not many LMs use this anymore, but its the best staff out there for Etten. 10% crit chance and loads of morale. The best sword is a purple sword called Edge of Valar. 1,1 ICPR, +45 Power, +15 Vit, +2% Tac crit chance. It drops from the boss in Annuminas palace. If you don't have it you can use the rank 4 Etten sword.

Pets: Use the lynx. Maybe the Raven if you are fighting many high ranked wargs that use shadow damage. Never use the Eagle or the Bear.
Always use passive mode. To avoid pulling NPCs and to be able to "nuke" your target when needed. I rarely attack with the lynx unless I know we are gonna take the target down. I donīt wanna waste the nuking ability on a creep thatīs probably gonna get away. Hotkey at least "attack" and "follow" to be able to handle your pet quickly. Be sure u pay attention when they try to lure your pet into NPCs. But if you follow the guidelines above that should rarely happen.

How to play after book 14:
Its pointless to mezz a WL that is close to the raid, because hes probably been hit by something that activated the dimishing returns already. So try to mezz WLs in the back to get the maximun 15s mezz.

The old mezz and surround tactic doesnīt work that good anymore. You really need to pay attention to the timer and start attacking
before your target breaks lose. Of course you should wait as long as possible, but be sure u have a stun ready as soon as the mezz is starting to run out.

PS: I did my best to get the facts right, but atm I canīt log into the game to verify everything. My computer crashed rescently and Iīm waiting for my new one.
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How to play Loremaster in Etten Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to play Loremaster in Etten   How to play Loremaster in Etten Icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2008 1:43 pm

i have np at al wiht my stunts since book 14, its all about the dots order and then stunt when needed Very Happy

put the dots in the right order and stunt your target then and he is dead for 90%

lm = a great class its the best class for fun in ettens since book 14 more challange now.
enjoy your days in ettens .

hugs lyvins*
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How to play Loremaster in Etten
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