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 Application - Brasgard

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Application - Brasgard Empty
PostSubject: Application - Brasgard   Application - Brasgard Icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2008 9:01 am

Your Character's name* :Brasgard
Level* :27
Class* :Burglar
Rank :0
List of your alts with their levels :Tuffo - 14

Name of your creeps (if any)* :Tuff(Rank 6 Reaver)

Why are you interrested by joining Frontline ? : Am hoping to help even out the moors i have a fair amount of experience from playing creep side and hopefully i can convert that over to the freeps. I realise i am only level 27 i am currently leveling with erlo's and other Reborn members help, i was told to make an application in advance and am doing so.

When i join the freeps i will try to start burgpacks reguarly and not just to go around ganking lone freeps to position ourselves strategicly to best help the freep raid, E.G At the gates of a keep whilst the freep raid is upstairs on tyrant.. This tactic is used regually with wargs and could convert well onto freep side with all the stuns burgs have..

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Application - Brasgard Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application - Brasgard   Application - Brasgard Icon_minitimeSat Sep 06, 2008 11:02 am

Welcome Tuff.
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Application - Brasgard
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