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 How many knows alot about creeps?

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How many knows alot about creeps? Empty
PostSubject: How many knows alot about creeps?   How many knows alot about creeps? Icon_minitimeWed Oct 01, 2008 9:19 pm

Well just a curious question.

How great is the knowledge of the different creep classes? Do most people know the skill creeps has? If you dont. Please try them out so you know what you are facing. Not only by looks but also what they can do.

This might give you a better knowhow in you PvP playing..
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How many knows alot about creeps? Empty
PostSubject: Re: How many knows alot about creeps?   How many knows alot about creeps? Icon_minitimeThu Oct 02, 2008 1:46 am

Well it is not as if they are that complex.

First off, general tactics for creeps:

Rezzing. That is all creeps now seem capable of, WL'er heavy raid that rez everything that has been slaughtered. Excellent for renown, the counter strategy is to hit so hard their rezzes burn out. This means fights last a LONG time, fight where YOU control the action and can on occasion withdraw to relative safety to regain power. Fighting on their terms (TA) with a WL'er heavy raid is asking for trouble.


Look like: Uruk, armour spikes and always carry a shield, they are the only creep class to have a shield. Together with Black-Arrows, they are the largest creeps out there. Easily regonized by the green ring often around their feet when healing as well, tend to stand a bit to the side.

Role: Healers, rezzers and damage soakers. Later ranks gain a bubble they can use to protect others for a few seconds.

Tactics: Bard's arrow by hunter fears them, turning their toolbar grey. Lore-masters can drain their power. Their heals can be interrupted. Most important, WL'ers are TERRIBLE fighters. Although they got high morale and good resists (although it is as for all creeps a choice between one or the other) they do little damage. Therefor they can be engaged with near impunity, they should be the first target of priority. If you see a cluster of WL'ers healing, scatter them.

Bubble, while seemingly powerful doesn't last very long and is NOT perfect. Ideally, melee should stick on the bubble target, everyone else, disrupt the healers.

Their rezzes are VERY powerfull, up to 5 targets, no induction, long range, and a cooldown of only 5 minutes. Dis-advantage, it requires power and the WL to be somewhat close to the fallen. In moving battles, when the enemy starts to go down, CHARGE, push them away from their dead. Invariably a WL'er WILL attempt a valiant rescue, slaughter him then.

Look like: Uruk, naked, with only a loin-cloth and in combat use a bow. They share the same large build with War-leaders. The bow gives them away.

Role: Ranged DPS.

Tactics: They are the hunters of the creeps but with none of their skills but they are better at DPS and DoT's. To a degree. However, like hunters they suffer from the long induction of their skills. They tend to be few and are only a nuisance if allowed to gang up on a single target. Their Damage over Time type is poison and they stack. Can be cured by hunters but as everyone knows, most freep hunters are to busy pew-pewing to cure. Poison pots are your best bet. They also share the hunters capacity to root and slow. A low priority target, taken care of if one is close and no better target presents itself. Die very easily as they lack any true melee skills.

Look like: Green orcs, hunced over and wearing a goat-skull mask, also carry a staff as their 'weapon'.

Role: Healer. Heals are Heal over Time and AoE. Single target rez.

Tactics: In theory, these are some really powerful healers, in practice, not so much. Either the mechanics are bugged or defilers just ain't very good. They can be a nuisance if allowed to room free but can't fight at all. Defilers should be killed as quickly as possible whenever the opportunity presents itself but NOT at the price of killing war-leaders or spreading out to far.

Looke like: Green orcs, hunced over, carrying dual blades. Most easily regonized by their speed.

Role: DPS and harrasser.

Tactics: Their charge cannot be interrupted and it is therefor NEAR pointless to chase them, a hunters target and the secondary RAT should keep a lookout for any reaver that makes a mistake and runs out of his charge. Once stopped, they die easily. On the whole, a charging reaver group is NO threat except to the cohesion of the raid. Their DPS is far to low to score a kill and they tend to be to dis-organized to hit a single target on a raid that is working together well. Only with good creep leaders is there sometimes a coordinated attack on a single target with reavers.

Mostly ignore them in favor of the healers, but don't allow them to build up or stay at the back of the raid.

Looks like: A spider. Who would have guessed?

Role: Slower and harrasser.

Tactics: On the whole, spiders are just a nuisance, but they got two 'powerful' tricks. First is to drop a sticky web, usually when they flee that slows you. NEVER therefor chase a spider directly, split up to either side around it. The web looks like a white spot on the ground but its effect range is far larger then the graphic. Spiders can also root, and unlike Creeps we got no counter for that. If a spider is present, the raid should be aware that a withdrawal MUST be capable at ANY time to charge back.

Their second raid is burrowing, typically when they are on low morale. Sadly, it often servers to 'trap' the whole raid because everyone sticks aroudn for the inevitable kill. Don't do this. Keep a hunter or two close, maybe a champ and the rest continue chasing down the rest. They die in a couple of blows. A hunter trap sees that they stick around for that.

Looks like: A warg, big dog.

Role: DPS (because of their numbers), minstrel killer, silencer, slower, scout, puller.

Tactics: Wargs hunt in packs. A solo warg is a dead warg, but a pack is lethal. Think of them as wolves. On our server, the warg-pack seems to be the hispanic kin, there favorite tactic is to prowl the rear of any battle. The best tactic to counter them is swift action against them with LOTS of Area of Effect Attacks and quick reaction on whichever warg gets stunned/rooted. If you wish to directly counter them, give them no rest. Their skills have fairly long cooldowns, so forcing them use them even if it means they get away brings you a few minutes of relative peace. Never allow a warg pack a moments rest.

If a warg-pack pounces on someone, ALL heals should IMMIDIATLY be put on that person, CAPTAINS cure fear, LM anti-stun and wound-cure. EVERYONE else should use their most lethal AoE attacks to disperge the warg-pack. A good pack will ignore it, but those are rare. A warg-pack typically has NO outside healing, they get their heal when they are rank 5 but it is an on-defeat skill (howl) so if they can't get a kill, they can't heal. Worse, the skills is a HoT, so if a warg-pack gets a kill they just become a lot more powerful and willing to take risks. Tar is a good defence against them. Stealth detection buff also works and of course hunter tracks.

Creeps have some nice skills, but they lack the overal survivibility of freeps. Their most powerful skill is the number of rezzes and that it is easy for them to more healers into a raid. More important, healers that don't die in a second.

But a focusses freep raid that makes sure that it strikes as one, can counter them fairly effectively, our own biggest weaknesses are our power needs (especially the support classes) and the fact we can't rez that often in combat. Creeps can afford huge losses. We can't. This means freeps must be the superior fighter, staying alive and NOT being ganked because each one we loose might be lost for the whole battle and we can't afford that.

Our most important tactic is to stick close and watch each others back. Use your cures and heals and get the creeps of the raid and follow the RAT's. It is up to the raid-leader to pick what creeps need to die next, it ain't always the WL'ers, it is the target that threathens the survival of the raid. Figuring out what this is, is the trick.
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How many knows alot about creeps? Empty
PostSubject: Re: How many knows alot about creeps?   How many knows alot about creeps? Icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2009 6:36 am

Just to let you all know I used to be a full time creep geek, only just recently stopped becuase of the MoM expansion, so I know alot about all there tatics and raid leaders ect. Im not going to type them all out because it would take to long, also im very lazy Sleep. Just talk to me in game if you want to know, most of it is covered in Enat's post.

Great work!
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How many knows alot about creeps? Empty
PostSubject: Re: How many knows alot about creeps?   How many knows alot about creeps? Icon_minitime

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How many knows alot about creeps?
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