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 Joining and be in warrior/freep group

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Joining and be in warrior/freep group Empty
PostSubject: Joining and be in warrior/freep group   Joining and be in warrior/freep group Icon_minitimeSat Oct 25, 2008 10:23 pm

Just to infor the people that are registrated but not put in to any othergroup.

The reason for this is one of the following. You havent made a post in this part of the forum. Telling you want to join. You still logg in frequently and read, but you dont post. SO unfrtunately we wont grant you access if you are not stating that you are active.= Posting and contributing.

An other reason can be that, ok you play in ettens, but you play on the other side.

As we discuss alot regarding tactis etc we cant grant you access.

So the following you can do. Post that you want to join and why. Simply follow the sticky.....

Play your freep and take part of the freep community.


Erlo, Frontline
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Joining and be in warrior/freep group
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